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Sourdough Pizza

I’m mighty proud of this pizza dough. If your sourdough starter is bubbly and happy, get ready for some pizza bliss. This recipe can also be used for focaccia and even bread dough in a pinch.

Makes: 1 large pizza


  • 500 g flour (I use 100 g whole wheat flour and 400 g white bread flour, but feel free to play)
  • 10 g salt 
  • 350 g lukewarm water (around 90 °F, depending on factors like the weather and flour temp)
  • 75 g active sourdough starter
  • 1/4 c extra-virgin olive oil


  • Add all ingredients together and mix until thoroughly incorporated. Squish the dough between your hands and fold it over onto itself until there are no more bits of flour.
  • Place in an airtight container that’s large enough for the dough to roughly double in size. Place in fridge for 24-72 hours. 
  • Two to three hours before baking pizza, remove dough from fridge. Line a rimmed baking sheet* with parchment and cover with a thin layer of olive oil. Fold the sides of the dough onto itself so it forms a little package, and place, smooth side up, on baking sheet. Coat dough with a bit more olive oil.  Every hour or so, gently and evenly press down the dough with your fingers until it fills the pan. 
  • Add toppings and bake in a screaming hot oven for 25 minutes. 


* For a thin crust pizza, I recommend using roughly 600 g of pizza dough on a half pan baking sheet. For smaller pans, use less dough.
Got a pizza stone or baking steel? Skip the pan and make a lovely crisp crust. YouTube has a million pizza shaping tutorials.
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