kitchen fun

spiced eggnog

Spiced Eggnog

As a child I carpooled to school with a very unusual girl named Danielle. A quarter century later, Danielle remains ...
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fruit shrub

Fruit Shrub

Shrubs are a great old-timey way to beat the heat. This vinegar-based drink is puckery and refreshing, and a cool ...
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sourdough flax crackers

Sourdough Flax Crackers

These crackers are based on a recipe I absolutely love from the Bar Tartine cookbook. They were our sometimes too ...
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spoonful of mustard

Whole Grain Mustard

Homemade mustard is infinitely more delicious than store bought. The end. Whole Grain Mustard Homemade mustard is infinitely more delicious ...
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Cultured Butter

Butter -- called “coagulated sunlight” by the poet Seamus Heaney -- is one life’s great luxuries. By fermenting cream before ...
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Sourdough Pizza

I'm mighty proud of this pizza dough. If your sourdough starter is bubbly and happy, get ready for some pizza ...
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fruit scrap vinegar

Fruit Scrap Vinegar

It's summer in Florida and I’m in the middle of tropical fruit mayhem. Mangoes just let up, and now my ...
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My work involves cooking elaborate meals for other people. So when I’m feeding myself, I tend to keep it simple ...
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granola with yogurt and oranges

Really Good Granola

This is Really Good Granola. For real. We couldn’t make enough of it at Ground Floor Farm. Here at the ...
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citrus salt

Infused Salt & Sugar

Infusing salt and sugar with different flavors is a simple technique that can class up any meal. I love finishing ...
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Whole Grain Flatbreads

These dead-easy flatbreads are an excellent addition to most meals. Top them with a few slices of fancy cheddar and ...
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Pizza Sauce

When making pizza, don’t cook your tomato sauce. A can of uncooked, doctored-up crushed tomatoes makes the best pizza. Don’t ...
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You should be making yogurt: It’s easy, versatile, and great for your gut. Yogurt is a fermented food -- meaning ...
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